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More than 100,000 schools throughout the United States were forced to close in March due to the spreading virus, leaving 55 million students without their traditional classrooms and teachers scrambling to find the best ways to teach and interact with their students from afar.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced teachers, students and parents into an education experiment — one in which they must navigate fluctuating schedules, new methods of keeping students engaged and confronting challenges of the technological haves versus have-nots.

And now as remote teaching and learning become more common–if not the standard for the foreseeable future–we thought it might be useful to offer a short and sweet list of remote teaching tips to engage students in distance learning.

  1. Simplify– condense as much as you can. The easier and simpler the better. Everyone is pretty overwhelmed.
  2. Brief but frequent meeting times–working at a slower pace is almost mandatory these days. Don’t throw too much at once–this contributes to feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Games and music–remote learning doesn’t have to be stiff, sitting at the computer for hours on end. When possible, we recommend wiggle and giggle breaks. Take some time to have a music reset, or a stretch session. 
  4. Delicate classroom management–discipline is tricky with remote learning. Be cognizant of embarrassing or calling out problems in front of the entire digital class. Break-off rooms help navigate this. 
  5. Design for participation–now more than ever, participation matters. Try to make activities as hands-on as possible. 
  6. Plan ahead–It helps to have several different plans of action. You don’t want to be stumped in front of your classroom, as both students and parents are pretty weary right now. 




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