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COVID-19 has totally changed the education model as we know it. Few schools in the United States will get through the 2020-21 academic year without some form of remote learning. The rapid and massive shift to remote learning in the spring also revealed that access to Wi-Fi and digital devices at home remains inadequate for millions of U.S. households. Many schools lack the technological infrastructure or resources to ensure all students can learn online.

Teachers everywhere are scrambling to tackle the e-learning model. The burden schools will face to improve upon the scattered and chaotic remote learning efforts from the spring will be big. However, with our help, it is not insurmountable. 

There’s a huge opportunity for schools to break out of traditional approaches. It is time to develop new ones. That’s where our unparalleled dedication to teachers comes in.

We understand the time and resource constraints that are put on teachers. Our lesson plans are straightforward and easy to follow, whether remote or in-person.

From the introduction of the lesson material to the activities and worksheets, you can have confidence that our lesson plans will be a hit with your students, both online and in the classroom.

Access our free lesson plans here. Access our free videos here.