The Golden Gate Bridge


In this lesson plan your students will learn about the history and location of the bridge, as well as why it remains such an important part of American culture today. They’ll also gain a better understanding of the science and engineering that goes into constructing bridges.

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The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic images in America. And for good reason – it’s an absolutely incredible feat of engineering. Built in 1937, it spans the Golden Gate Strait and connects San Francisco to Marin County. It’s not just a beautiful sight – it’s also an important part of American history.

This lesson plan will teach your students all about the Golden Gate Bridge. They’ll learn about its history and how it came to be such an important part of America. They’ll also learn about the engineering and science behind its construction. It’s a fascinating story, and your students are sure to be captivated by it.

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3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade


Social Studies

State Educational Standards

NCSS.D2.GEO.8.3 – 5 , NCSS.D2.GEO.7.6 – 8

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