Patrick Henry


In this lesson students will get to know this major figure in American History. They will have the opportunity to recreate his famous speech as they step into his shoes and read it aloud. They will also learn about some of the other little known heroes of the American Revolution. It is a great way to introduce students to these important people.

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In this lesson students will discover why, Patrick Henry was one of the most influential writers and speakers in American history. His speech not only encouraged others to join the revolution but was a pivotal moment in history. Mostly known for his fiery speech, “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death,” to the Second Virginia Convention in 1775, most people know little else about him. Patrick Henry has one of the most interesting stories in history. How he came to deliver the speech that day is remarkable. Your students will learn all about him as they read Henry’s biography. They will also be introduced to some little known heroes from the American Revolutionary War.



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3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade


Biography, Social Studies

State Educational Standards

NCSS.D2.HIS.4.6-8, NCSS.D2.HIS.3.6-8, & NSSS.D2.HIS.14.3-5

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