The Scientific Method – STEM Activity

The Scientific Method – STEM Activity provides students with a really fun way to learn about the scientific method. Throughout the lesson, they will have multiple opportunities to create their own experiments and practice using the scientific method. In fact, this lesson allows them to play with squirt guns!

There are a couple of suggestions that you may want to use in the “Options for Lesson” section. The material in this lesson would work well in conjunction with a math lesson on graphing, for instance. And instead of having students design their own experiments, you could have the whole class decide on one to do all together.

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The Scientific Method – STEM Activity provides a fun, hand-on experience where students can apply the scientific method to experiments. Students will get the chance to create their own experiments as well. This lesson works very well when combined with other science and math lessons.

What The Scientific Method – STEM Activity includes

The two content pages detail each step of the scientific method. There are six total steps that students will discuss and memorize. First, they will learn to make an observation. Then they will form a hypothesis, which you will explain is a possible answer to a question of why something occurs that they observed. Then they will test the hypothesis.

After the first few steps are complete, students will collect, organize, and analyze the data. Then they will draw conclusions. And finally, they will discuss the results. Students will go through all six steps and explain any terms that they don’t fully grasp. Then they will be ready to create their own experiments!


You can have students work in groups or pairs for the activity, or by themselves. Each student will design an experiment using water guns and supplies. The worksheet outlines each step for the students to follow. For the final step, students will crate a poster that shows each of the six steps that they will later share with the class.


The practice worksheet has a table with six rows and two columns. The first column lists the six steps for the scientific method. Students must cut out these slips of paper and rearrange them in the correct order. Then, in the second column, they will draw an icon or symbol that represents each of the six steps.


For the homework assignment, students will pretend they are a famous scientist who wants to conduct an amazing experiment. They will pretend that they have access to any resources they need, as well as an endless amount of money. Then they will create an experiment using the six steps and describe each step in the space provided.

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5th Grade, 6th Grade



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