Feelings teaches students how to identify what a character from a story or book is feeling based on context. Students will be able to match feelings with specific actions that depict that feeling.

In the “Options for Lesson” section of the classroom procedure page, you will find a number of suggestions listed that you can add to or alter in your lesson plan. For instance, you can play a video that the students enjoy. Start and stop the video to identify and discuss what the characters in the film are feeling in that moment. Another suggestion is to go through the activity and practice pages with the students if they need a little additional help.

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What our Feelings lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Feelings describes how to identify what a character in a story feels. Students will learn how to define terms related to emotions and match them to actions.

The lesson contains two pages of content. It starts off by defining feelings as the emotion or mood of a person. The lesson displays several pictures and example sentences that describe happy. Students can read these sentences and learn how they can figure out a character’s emotion even if the text doesn’t say it outright. There are also pictures and example sentences that describe sad.

Students will then go through a list of 16 other feelings. They will learn how knowing how a person feels help them understand the person better. In addition, they will discover how people often do things based on how they feel in the moment.


For the activity, you may want to have students work with a partner or in small groups instead of working alone. There are three pages for the activity worksheet. Students will cut out each of the words on the first page. Then they will match these words to the correct sentences on the following two pages. There is a total of 16 sentences. There are also just 16 words to match, so they will only be able to use the word once.


The practice worksheet requires students to circle the correct emotion out of two options for 13 sentences. Each sentence contains two options to choose from. Depending on the reading level of your students, you may choose to go through this worksheet as a class and explain further whenever your students have questions.


The homework assignment lists 10 feelings. Students will write a sentence that describes an action that fits the emotion. Similar to the practice worksheet, you may choose to do this assignment with the class instead of having students do it at home. You could also adjust the number of sentences or feelings they have to write about.

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2nd Grade



State Educational Standards

NHES.4.2.1, NHES.4.2.2, & NHES.4.2.3.

Lessons are aligned to meet the education objectives and goals of most states. For more information on your state objectives, contact your local Board of Education or Department of Education in your state.