Math Learning Roadmap Grade 1


Learn Bright learning roadmaps provide an excellent schedule to follow for teaching our lesson plans. Whether you are a teacher in a classroom or a homeschooler, these outlines will help you keep track of the subjects you need to teach your students. This roadmap explores areas within the mathematics subject category.

Using the roadmap for each subject, you can figure out which lessons to teach and when. Some roadmaps provide a few additional lesson plans that you can use if you find that your students need extra practice, or if you have more time to fill. The roadmaps are a guide and are not meant to hold you to a rigid agenda. You can adjust as you wish to meet your specific needs and objectives.

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What our lesson guides include

Overview: The Math Learning Roadmap Grade 1 lesson guide walks through basic math concepts. Specific areas include place values, number order, comparing numbers, and counting. Students will study these areas during the appointed period. Every quarter focuses on a different set of concepts. These concepts include counting, place value, word problems, measurement, graphs, and basic geometry.

Learn Bright learning roadmaps are useful tools for organizing your teaching agenda, whether in the classroom or at home. The roadmaps schedule suggested lessons for each subject by grade level. The roadmaps divide the lessons into four quarters, each of which further divides into three periods of three to four weeks. Each period contains a number of lesson plans to teach that focus on even more specific areas within the subject.

You will be able to incorporate every period’s lessons from each subject’s grade-level roadmap. During the first three weeks, for instance, you will deliver the lesson plans in the first column of each subject. Roadmaps are meant to make it easy for you to follow a schedule from which to teach throughout the year. Some roadmaps contain additional lesson plans that you might choose to use if you have extra time or want extra practice. You do not have to follow them exactly. Feel free to be flexible and adjust when necessary to fit your unique needs!

Math Learning Roadmap Grade 1

The grade 1 roadmap for math introduces students to many of the basic concepts of mathematics. Students will learn first about place value, number order, and counting. Once they have that basic knowledge, they will study adding and subtracting further. The final two quarters explores word problems, measuring, graphs and data, and geometry.

Quarter 1

The first quarter addresses place and value, comparing and ordering numbers, and counting. These initial 10 weeks will build students’ base-level knowledge of math. Lessons include What Are Tens?, Ordinal Numbers, and Skip Counting.

Quarter 2

During the second quarter, students will dive into addition and subtraction. The quarter focuses only on these operations. Some lessons include Adding Using Objects & Drawings, Subtracting Multiples of 10, and Addition Input/Output Tables.

Quarter 3

For the third quarter, students will learn about solving word problems, measurement, and graphs and data. Lessons in this quarter include Keywords for Word Problems, Using a Ruler, and Basic Graphs.

Quarter 4

The final quarter focuses primarily on geometry. Students will learn basic shapes and explore simple fractions. The last four weeks of the quarter spotlight grade 2 material to prepare them for the next year. Lessons in quarter four include Defining Shapes, Equal Parts, and Estimating.

There is an extra page on this roadmap that contains several extra lesson plans. You can use these plans throughout the year as you have extra time or see the need for extra practice.

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