Writing Tone and Style


In our Writing Tone and Style lesson plan, students will learn how to identify different tones in writing and styles of writing. They will practice adjusting their own tone and style depending on what they are writing and who their audience is. They will also practice recognizing when another author changes their style or tone.

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Our Writing Tone and Style lesson plan introduces students to strategies for differentiating between and using tone and style in writing. Students who are regular readers can usually tell the difference between their favorite author’s tone and style versus another author. During this lesson, students are asked to work collaboratively, with a partner, to rewrite passages in a new tone or style, changing no plot or character details; this allows them to really focus on the difference that tone and style can make in writing. Students are also asked to match terms and definitions, demonstrating that they understand the lesson vocabulary.

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to define style, tone, and mood as it relates to writing; as well as identify the style and tone of a passage; and use style and tone in their writing.


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5th Grade, 6th Grade