Word Analysis Skills – Grade 5


Word Analysis Skills – Grade 5 helps students learn different strategies to find word meanings. Using both homophones and analogies, they will begin to better understand word structure. The lesson even involves a fun game to teach the concept. Instead of traditional paragraphs of instruction, students will learn how to create words out of larger words.

The activity, practice, and homework worksheets provide varied ways to test students’ comprehension. Students will demonstrate their knowledge with solving analogies and creating their own. They will determine the correct homophone in a sentence and write homophones that aren’t on a list. And they will even recognize that some words have multiple meanings. By the end, students will be able to use multiple strategies to decode unfamiliar words.

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What our Word Skills Analysis – Grade 5 lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Word Skills Analysis – Grade 5 introduces word analysis skills. Students will be able to read unfamiliar words and determine their meaning using different techniques. They will learn about homophones and analogies as ways to decipher word meanings. While most 5th-grade students are proficient in phonics, they still need to know other strategies to increase comprehension. In addition, the lesson explains the concept of understanding word structure. It encourages students to play with language to better understand the meaning of words within their context.

This lesson presents the content in a unique way. Rather than explaining through paragraphs of instruction, you will play a game! Using this game setting, you can test students’ ability to create words from a larger word. You can have them partner up or work in groups to work together. Or you can divide the class in half. Note that some of the words students find may not be on the answer list.


The activity introduces the concept of word analogies. The idea is to teach students how words relate to each other within a comparison. You will explain how to write a word analogy and describe what the colons mean. The activity is split into two parts. First, students have to solve six unfinished word analogies. A word bank lists the possible answers. The second part requires students to create their own analogies and share them with their classmates.

You can use groups or partners for this activity as well.


The practice worksheet focuses on homophones. The worksheet has two parts. The first part lists 12 sentences with a set of words that sound the same. Students will have to analyze the surrounding text to determine which word fits the sentence. The second part uses a single pair of homophones: fare and fair. Students will find this pair throughout a short story. They have to circle which word is correct for each pair using their word analysis skills.


The homework assignment will test students on both homophones and analogies. They will first have to write matching homophones next to the words in a list. Then they will have to come up with five of their own homophones that are different from those in the list. At the end, they will solve word analogies as they did for the activity.

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