Short “a” Spelling Words


Short “a” Spelling Words contains a vocabulary list of 24 words with the short “a” vowel sound. Students will learn to identify these words with pictures. They will also learn how to spell the words correctly. Throughout the lesson, they will organize the words into the proper word family: -at, -an, -am, -ab, -ag, -ad, and -ap. These are not all the word families, but they are the most commonly used.

This lesson is designed to be delivered over a four- or five-day period. You may choose to adjust according to your circumstances. The “Options for Lesson” section provides an outline for administering the lesson over this period. Again, you can adjust the schedule as needed.

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What our Short “a” Spelling Words lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Short “a” Spelling Words teaches students how to apply phonics to decode words. Students will learn to identify words that have the short “a” sound, such as bat and jam. They will learn how to spell these simple words using their word analysis skills. They will also divide the words into word families.

This lesson divides the content into two sections. There are 12 short “a” words per section. The first 12 words include the -at, -an, and -am word families. The second 12 words include the -ab, -ag, -ad, and -ap word families. You can separate these words into two class sessions or present them altogether in the first session.

The lesson recommends using a number of ways to teach the material. First, you can ask for and give examples of words with the short “a” vowel sound. Then have them think of words that rhyme, such as cat and mat. Next, read through the list of vocabulary on the first content page (or both if you are combining the lists). Have the students cut out the pictures and pronounce the words aloud. Then have them organize the words into the correct word families.


For the activity, students will divide into pairs. After cutting out the words on the sheet, they will take turns with their partner spelling the word. There is a total of 24 words (the two lists of 12 words).


The practice worksheet is basically a spelling test. There are two lists of 12 lines that separate the spelling lists from the lesson. As you read a word, students will write it down. If they miss any of the words, they can practice those words with a family member or friend.


The homework assignment also divides the two lists of words. There are 12 pictures associated with a word bank of 12 words for the first spelling list. Then the second list has pictures and a word bank as well. Students must use the words in the word bank and match them to the correct picture.

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