Integrating Information – Grade 4


With our Integrating Information – Grade 4 lesson plan, students learn how to use information from multiple sources about the same topic to gain a greater understanding of that topic.

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Our Integrating Information – Grade 4 lesson plan teaches students how to interpret and use multiple texts about the same topic for research. During this lesson, students are asked to work collaboratively with a partner to complete an activity in which they choose a topic, choose two texts about that topic, and complete a chart comparing the two texts, describing the main and supporting points of both and determining how the two texts teach the information differently. Students are also asked to work independently to read two example passages and then tell whether specific information can be found in one or both of the texts.

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to integrate information from two texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably.

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