Identify Sensory Details


With our Identify Sensory Details lesson plan, students learn strategies for using sensory details in their writing and identifying which sense various words are referring to in other people’s writing.

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Our Identify Sensory Details lesson plan teaches students how to identify and use sensory words in their own writing as well as other people’s writing. During this lesson, students are asked to read given sentences and improve them by adding sensory words to create a more powerful image. Students are also asked to identify what type of sensory word various words are (sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste).

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify sensory language or sensory details in a text and explain how the language contributes to the author’s tone in the text, explain how sensory language, sensory details, and word choice enhances the readability, interest level, and comprehension of a text, and demonstrate enhancing text using sensory language.

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6th Grade



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