Comprehending Literature: An Overview


With our Comprehending Literature: An Overview lesson plan, students learn how to more effectively understand various forms of literature, such as poems, short stories, and myths.

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Our Comprehending Literature: An Overview lesson plan teaches students about various forms of writing, such as poems and myths, and how to better comprehend and understand them. During this lesson, students are asked to read passages and answer various reading comprehension questions about them, demonstrating their ability to identify relevant information in text. Students are also asked to write a myth explaining how something came about, how something was created, or why something is the way it is using what they have learned about how myths are written and what they communicate to the reader. 

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to comprehend different genres of literature (poems, short stories, etc.) with varying text complexity and will be able to compare similar texts in different genres.



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5th Grade


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