Compare and Contrast Nonfiction Texts


Compare and Contrast Nonfiction Texts explores how to find the similarities and differences among different texts that relate the same subject matter. Students will discover how to figure out what pieces of information are false if the two texts differ on certain points. They will also learn how to determine a source’s credibility.

The “Options for Lesson” section on the classroom procedure page provides an additional suggestion that you can incorporate into your lesson. Because students will need to develop the skill of discerning the credibility of any given source, you could use a game. Use the link in this section to a Jeopardy game with facts and opinions as the subject matter to help students prepare for comparing and contrasting the texts.

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What our Compare and Contrast Nonfiction Texts lesson plan Texts includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Compare and Contrast Nonfiction Texts teaches students how to analyze two texts about a similar nonfiction subject. Students will use what they learn in these texts and write about the subject. They will also learn how to resolve any differences between the texts by researching and assessing each text’s credibility.

There are two pages of content that explore the concepts of comparing and contrasting. Students will first learn how to define these terms. The lesson provides a couple of suggestions for how to organize the information they find in each source. Using a table or Venn diagram or similar tool makes it easy to keep track of the facts they find.

The lesson describes a few tools in particular in detail. It explains how to use a T-Chart when comparing just two texts. Because such a chart would be hard when comparing more than two texts, the lesson explores tables. Students can use a table to organize the parallels and distinctions among three or more passages.


If you would like, you can have students work in pairs or small groups instead of alone for the Students will first use a Venn diagram to compare two articles about bees. The worksheet provides a T-Chart as well so that students can write any additional information that doesn’t fit in the circles.


For the practice worksheet, students will choose a subject in which they have an interest. They will have to find three articles or other sources to research information on that subject. They will use the table on the page to compare and contrast the texts.


Students will compare and contrast American football with European football using a T-Chart.

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