Chapters, Scenes and Stanzas


This engaging and interactive lesson will help your students understand how chapters, scenes, and stanzas are used to structure various types of literature. They will also gain an understanding of the differences between them. Your students will learn the basics of each element, such as what determines when one chapter ends and another begins. They will also explore the divides between scenes within a chapter and stanzas within a scene.

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With the Chapters, Scenes and Stanzas lesson plan, creative writing is taken to a whole new level. Students will learn about the different elements of storytelling and develop their writing by adapting their stories into various mediums. Students will be able to define each element of a story, drama, or poem and make use of creative writing techniques to craft 3-chapter tales. Working in pairs helps hone collaboration skills and public speaking is encouraged too. Bring dynamic story telling alive in the classroom – try Chapters, Scenes and Stanzas now!

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5th Grade, 6th Grade

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