Analyze Stories


This lesson plan helps students determine the central message, idea, and lesson in a folktale or fable. This important skill will help them better understand cultures and apply the lessons learned to their own lives. The lesson begins by introducing students to folktales and fables and explaining how they were used to express cultural values. Students will then read several examples of these stories and analyze the lessons being taught. By the end of the lesson, they will be able to identify the moral of each story and understand how it applies to their own lives.

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What better way to teach your students about important cultural values and lessons than with folktales and fables? With Analyze Stories, your students will be introduced to these oral traditions and learn how to determine the central message of each story. Folktales and fables were used by cultures for generations to pass down their beliefs and values to the younger members of the group. By reading these stories, we can gain insights into a culture’s ideas about the world around them. Many of the lessons and morals from these stories are still relevant today. Some folktales even have a historical event or person attached to them. With this lesson plan, your students will be able to identify the key elements of each story and determine the central message, idea, or lesson being taught.

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2nd Grade, 3rd Grade



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