Two-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping: Advanced


Do you have a child who is struggling with two-digit subtraction? This advanced lesson plan will teach them essential regrouping strategies to help them overcome this challenge. By the end of this lesson, they’ll be able to confidently subtract large numbers and will have a strong foundation for more complex math concepts.

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Welcome to our Two-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Advanced lesson plan!

In this lesson, students will learn how to subtract using regrouping strategies. This is a vital skill for students to master as they move on to more complex math problems. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to fluently subtract within 100 using techniques based on place value and properties of operations.

This lesson is perfect for students who are struggling with subtraction or who need a challenge. The regrouping strategies taught in this lesson will help them to overcome any obstacles they may encounter in math. With practice, your students will be able to confidently subtract two-digit numbers using regrouping!

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1st Grade


Advanced, Math

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