Time Word Problems


Time Word Problems introduces students to calculating the amount of time between intervals in minutes. While students may already know how to find the passage of time in hours, doing so by minutes may still be a struggle. This lesson describes two particular methods in detail. It also suggests a couple more that students may find are easier to understand.

All the assignments work well to test students’ comprehension of the material. They provide good examples in a fun way to help students demonstrate their knowledge. There are several suggestions in the “Options for Lesson” section as well. Feel free to take advantage of those if you want to provide extra practice to your students.

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What our Time Word Problems lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Time Word Problems teaches students how to solve time-interval word problems. The lesson will use time intervals in minutes. Students will learn how to use a number line diagram to represent the problems. Students should already know how to tell time by this grade level. They can probably determine the passage of hours. However, they may still struggle with the passage of hours and minutes. This lesson focuses specifically and word problems with time intervals in minutes.

First, the content of this lesson provides some background information on time in general. It describes its importance and how we are constantly aware of time every day. Next, it segues into talking about how to know how much time has passed. The lesson shows a line diagram with 10-minute intervals. It provides an example word problem that students can solve using the diagram.

The lesson illustrates two methods of tracking time intervals. Students may find one easier than the other, but it is helpful for them to learn both. The lesson further describes other methods students can use as well. You can help your students decide which method works best for them.


You will divides students into pairs for the activity portion of the lesson. The worksheet describes a scenario in which the students have all the money they need to visit wherever they want in their town. Students will work together to create a schedule. Some of the timestamps are already on the worksheet. Students will have to determine the amount of time that passes between each interval they write.


The practice worksheet lists 10 word problems for students to solve. Students will simply write their answer in the space below the question. One final question, however, requires students to use the mountains, hills, and stones method to show how much time passed in a given interval.


There are two parts to the homework assignment. First, students will use information in a chart to answer questions about a family’s day. The chart has a column for events, a column for start time, and a column for end time. Second, students will fill in a chart with similar events. They will add the start and end times for certain tasks they do throughout the day. Then they will calculate the amount of time between those intervals.

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