Square Roots – Advanced Lesson


Square Roots – Advanced Lesson teaches students the inverse function of squaring numbers: taking the square root. This lesson mainly focuses on the first 12 perfect squares (from 1 to 144). However, there will be opportunities for students to figure out the square roots of higher numbers, such as 400 and 256.

This is an advanced lesson that should be administered after students have learned about squaring numbers. The “Options for Lesson” section suggests that you could expand the lesson beyond perfect squares, which imply whole number answers. Students can use calculators to solve the square root for numbers that are not perfect squares.

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What our Square Roots – Advanced Lesson lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Square Roots – Advanced Lesson introduces students to perfect squares up to 144. Students should know already how to square a number before engaging in this lesson. They will learn that taking the square root of a number is the inverse of squaring a number. By the end, they will be able to find the square root of at least the first 12 square numbers.

There are two pages of content in this lesson that are simple and straightforward. The lesson first reminds students about squaring numbers, or raising a number to the second power. After a couple examples, it defines what it means to take the square root. It describes what a radical and radicand are and provides a few more examples.

Then students learn what a perfect square is, a radicand that is a whole number. This is what students will focus on in this lesson. They will learn and memorize the perfect squares from 1 to 144, which is 12 total perfect squares. They will also have the chance to discover other square numbers.


The activity splits into three parts. First, students will draw squares using the length and height values for six figures. Next, they must write the area for each square. Finally, they must describe how the lengths and area of the square relate to square roots. This will help them demonstrate their grasp of the material.


The practice worksheet divides into two parts. For the first section, students must circle all the numbers among 35 options. These options go beyond 144, which will ensure students try to learn other square numbers. The second part requires that they find the square root of nine total numbers. Some of these numbers will be on the perfect squares chart. However, others, like the first section, are higher than 144. Students must decide how to find the squares of those higher numbers.


The homework assignment contains a chart with the 12 numbers of the prefect squares chart. In the second column, students must fill in the radicand. In the third column, they must show the equation for squaring the radicand to equal the square root number. Then they must prove through showing their work how the square root of 16 is 4.

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6th Grade


Advanced, Math

State Educational Standards

LB.MATH.CONTENT.6-Advanced Lesson

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