Picture and Sound Matching


Picture and Sound Matching is the perfect way to give your students a foundational linguistic learning experience. With this lesson plan, they will develop their understanding of spoken and written words, syllables, and sounds. It’s a simple yet effective method in teaching phonemes and graphemes in a fun and engaging way!

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Are you looking for a way to help your students develop essential language skills with an engaging and fun lesson plan? Look no further than this Picture and Sound Matching activity! Our easy-to-follow lesson plan helps your students demonstrate their understanding of written and spoken words, syllables, phonemes and graphemes – without the drudgery of traditional learning. It’s perfect for friends, classmates or home education! Kids love our picture matching game which uses sound to reinforce early language lessons. Match the words to their corresponding sounds and images – great for developing vocabulary! It’s a fun and exciting way for kids to learn these important concepts.

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