Pi: Advanced Lesson


This advanced lesson plan on pi will help your students understand its mathematical importance and history. Through engaging activities and lessons, they’ll learn about its key properties and how to use it in calculations. Pi is an essential part of mathematics and your students will benefit greatly from a deeper understanding of this fascinating topic.

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Do you know what pi is? Most people know that it’s a mathematical constant, but did you know that it’s also one of the most important numbers in mathematics? Pi has been used in long division for centuries, and it’s also key to understanding many other numerical concepts.

In this lesson, students will explore the mathematical constant pi. They will learn the numerical approximation and engage in both creative and mathematical practices using pi. This lesson can be used on March 14 to celebrate pi day or incorporate it into daily lessons.

Through this lesson, your students will develop a greater understanding of pi and its importance in mathematics. They’ll have fun while they learn, and they might even surprise themselves with how much they understand by the end!

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6th Grade


Advanced, Math

State Educational Standards

LB.MATH.CONTENT.6-Advanced Lesson

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