Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane


Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane is a lesson for 6th Grade students. It introduces the concept of ordered pairs and how to plot them. It describes the x and y axes and how to use them to plot points or make ordered pairs.

The lesson presents the concept in a couple of ways. Students learn both how to plot points given ordered pairs and write ordered pairs from given points. Through a series of worksheets, students can practice and demonstrate their comprehension. They will even get to graph their own picture!

Teachers can utilize several tools to help explain these ideas. There are several content pages with in-depth explanations to assist students in their learning. The lesson also describes a couple lesson options teachers can use to illustrate the concepts even further.

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What our Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane focuses on teaching students how to find and position integers on a coordinate plane. Starting off, teachers can compare the concept of ordered pairs on a coordinate plane to the game Battleship. Students will connect how locating opponents’ ships is like charting coordinates. Because this lesson is introductory, teachers should reinforce the new terms and provide additional examples.

This lesson contains several explanatory content pages. These will help students learn the concept and begin to apply it to practice. Activity, practice, and homework pages follow afterward.

Throughout this lesson, activity and practice worksheets will measure students’ understanding of the content. They will learn about coordinate planes and what the x and y axes are. Afterward, they will demonstrate their comprehension through the worksheets. The practice and homework worksheets in particular will test students’ knowledge in opposite ways. The alternatives provide students a way to gauge where they need extra help.


With this activity, students will create their own drawing and graph it on graph paper. They will then have to write the ordered pairs that make the drawing. Additionally, teachers may choose take advantage of one of the lesson options here. Students can switch drawings with a partner. They would then try to plot their partners’ pictures based on the coordinates listed.


The practice activity will further test students’ understanding of ordered pairs. It requires students to demonstrate their ability to plot points.  Given 10 ordered pairs, they will mark where each is located. They will have to ensure they use the proper quadrant.


The homework is similar to the practice worksheet. It requires students to write ordered pairs using plot points. In the homework, a graph shows 10 points already plotted. Instead of marking the graph, students will write the ordered pairs that correspond to the given points.

By the end, students should be able to plot points using ordered pairs and write ordered pairs based on plot points. They should be able to describe the difference between the x and y axes. Likewise, they should understand the different quadrants in a coordinate plane.

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