Order Decimals


Order Decimals teaches students how to order decimals through the thousandths place. The lesson is geared toward 3rd and 4th graders. It explains the concept in several pages of instructional content. The activity, practice, and homework worksheets will test students’ understanding of what they learned in the lesson.

There are a few suggestions listed in the “Options for Lesson” section that you can use as alternatives or in addition to your lesson. For instance, you may choose to have students practice as a whole class writing the decimals on the activity worksheet. You could use a highlighter to walk through each step of ordering. For more advanced students, you have incorporate larger or smaller numbers through the millions and millionths places.

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What our Order Decimals lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Order Decimals is a lesson for 3rd graders and 4th graders. You will likely only need one class session to complete it. Students will learn how to order decimals through the thousandths place in either ascending or descending order. The “Options for Lesson” section on the classroom procedure page contains several suggestions. You may want to incorporate one or multiple into your instruction.

There are three pages of content that describe how to order the decimals to the one-thousandths place. Students can line numbers up from smallest to largest or from largest to smallest. The lesson reminds them that ascending means smallest to largest, and descending means largest to smallest. They will draw upon the knowledge they have of ordering whole numbers and apply it to decimals.

The lesson provides a place value chart that displays the millions to the millionths places. They can use the chart to help them align numbers and correctly identify the digits’ place values. Students will review three examples of numbers to solidify their knowledge. The summary at the end of the content pages is concise and easy for them to follow if they need to refresh their memory.


For the activity, you will need to print the worksheet on different colored paper. You will have several posters that match the colors you printed that list a group of numbers. Students will go to the poster that matches their colored paper and order the numbers on their worksheet.


The practice worksheet requires students to order groups of numbers. There are three groups total. For two groups, students will use ascending order. For the other group, they will write the numbers in descending order.


Similar to the practice worksheet, the homework assignment requires students to put numbers in ascending and descending order. Then they will answer a question about what the most important thing to do is before ordering decimals.


For the quiz, students will fill in the blanks in five statements that describe how to order decimals.

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3rd Grade, 4th Grade



State Educational Standards

None for Grade 3, None for Grade 4

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