Multiplication – Grade 3


Multiplication – Grade 3 teaches students how to recognize multiplying as repeated addition. Students will understand how this method can help them solve multiplication problems more easily. They will also be able to use diagrams to solve for the produce of two numbers.

There are a couple suggestions listed in the “Options for Lesson” section that you might want to include in your lesson. One suggestion is to allow students to repeat numbers in their egg cartons. You could also give advanced students larger numbers to work with. Another suggestion is to have students roll two die and multiply those numbers.

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What our Multiplication – Grade 3 lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Multiplication – Grade 3 builds on what students learned in previous years. Students will understand how multiplying is repeated addition. They will learn to use diagrams to solve for the product of two numbers.

There are two pages of content in this lesson plan. The first page explains how the students can think of multiplication as repeated addition. The lesson provides a few examples and then lists a few steps students can follow to help them solve these problems. There are pictures to help them see how this concept works.

The second page continues with another example. Students will see in this example how they can multiply the number of eggs in two cartons. First, they will draw a picture. Then they will write the multiplication fact: 2 cartons with 12 eggs = 2 x 12. Finally, they will solve the problem.


For the activity, you will need to provide students with empty egg cartons and two marbles. Students will write a number at the bottom of each depression in the egg carton. Then they will place the two marbles inside. After shaking the carton and opening it up, they will multiply the two numbers on which the marbles landed. If you want, you can have the students keep a record of the problems they solve.


The practice worksheet lists six different word problems. Students will need to read through the problems and figure out how to set up the multiplication expression. There is space below each problem that they can use to show their work.


Similar to the practice worksheet, the homework assignment requires students to solve word problems. Again, there is a total of six word problems for which students will write the expressions and figure out the answers.

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