Line Plots for Measurement


Line Plots for Measurement describes how to create a line plot to present data. Students will learn what types of data align with line plots. They will discover that not all data can be displayed this way. They will have the opportunity to gather data that answers a question that interests them and create a line plot based on that data.

The “Options for Lesson” section on the classroom procedure page offers a couple of suggestions that you can add or alter in your lesson. One option is to extend the lesson if your students need extra help using fractions on line plots. The classroom procedure page lists several more directives should you choose to include an extra session. You may simply determine what you need to do as you deliver the lesson to your students.

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What our Line Plots for Measurement lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Line Plots for Measurement teaches students how to organize data into line plots. Students will learn about the different aspects of line plots and what they have to include. Some of these components are labels, titles, and keys. By the end of the lesson, students should be able to analyze line plots and answer questions that relate to their data.

There is only one page of content in this lesson. It provides a brief explanation for what line plots are and how to create them. It walks through what each of the components are of a line plot and explains each one in detail. However, students will learn this concept best primarily by doing. Therefore, the worksheets and activities will provide students the opportunity to put the content to use.


The activity worksheet requires students to work in groups. You will provide each students bags of m&ms and assign each group an m&m color. Students must create a line plot and organize the data for their color. The data will be different for each group since they will all have different colors and number of m&ms in their bags. Students must label the x-axis, title the line plot, define a symbol for the key, and ensure there are no gaps along the x-axis.


For the practice worksheet, students will need to create a question about something that interests them. They will collect data that will help them answer their question. They need to make sure that their question’s answer is a number. You will approve all the students’ questions before they begin working on collecting data. Once they gather the information they need, they will create a line plot to display the data.


The homework assignment presents information about a fictitious teacher’s class. Students will need to create a line plot using the data in the instructions. They must add a title and label the line plot. After they finish, there are four questions for them to answer.

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2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade



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