Graph Equations STEM


Looking for a fun and engaging STEM lesson? Look no further than our Graph Equations lesson plan! In this lesson, students will graph two variables on a coordinate plane and write an equation to explain the relationship between the variables. Not only will your students have a blast, but they’ll also develop important critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Are you ready to take your math skills to the next level? With this Graph Equations STEM lesson plan, your students will be graphing equations like pros in no time! This advanced lesson is perfect for fifth-grade students who are ready to tackle some more challenging concepts. And for sixth-grade students, this lesson provides a strong foundation in graphing equations that they can build on in future math classes.

Your students will begin by focusing on graphing equations using a set of ordered pairs. They’ll then use those ordered pairs to write an equation and create graphs from the data. Two hands-on activities will help solidify the purpose of graphs within mathematics as a visual tool for people to understand data easily. And because we know that learning is always more fun when there’s food involved, students will get to eat their experiment at the end of the lesson! So not only will they be up and moving around during the lesson, but they’ll also have a delicious snack to enjoy when it’s all done.

Ready to see your students excel in math? Grab this Graph Equations STEM lesson plan today and watch them soar!

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5th Grade, 6th Grade


Math, STEM

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