Finding the Whole, Part & Percent


In our Finding the Whole, Part & Percent lesson plan, students learn how to convert percentages to fractions. Students then use that information to learn how to find the missing whole, part, or percent in an equation.

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Our Finding the Whole, Part and Percent lesson plan begins by detailing how to change a percent to a fraction by placing the percent in the numerator and 100 in the denominator. The lesson then describes how to tackle various word problems that use language where “is” represents a part, “of” represents the whole, and % represents the numerical value of the percent. Students are asked to solve percent proportion word problems as well as numerical problems.

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to find the whole, part, or percent missing from the given information.


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5th Grade, 6th Grade

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Susan H.

Just what I needed!

I found a lesson here on Carendon teaching about finding percentages using the strategies that the math teachers in the grades beyond me (I teach 6th grade) want the students taught. Great lesson with great NOTES that I can share with my sixth graders! I will definitely become a frequent visitor to this site. Thank you Clarendon Learning!

A Learn Bright Customer
Mim B.

Comprehensive & user friendly!

I *LOVE* how this resource covers all 3 types of percent problems and gives a clear explanation on how to solve all 3 types! The student tasks are presented in a fun way, with word problems the students will really relate to!! I also appreciated the additional links to other resources and worksheets. The reason for only giving 4/5 stars is the "Teachers' Notes" contains minor errors. (1) Point 1. under 'Classroom Procedure' states: "Begin by explaining to students that"......that what? :) (2) Student Supplies - 'none'. I feel that 'pencil, notebook' should be written here. (3) I personally feel this lesson would take more than 45 minutes. Introducing each of the 'percent types' needs a lesson of it's own to explain & practice. This resource could be used as a follow-up session as it uses all 3 types of problems, and incorporates them into word problems, which is a harder cognitive step for students to navigate. (4) Prepare Ahead Of Time: "Copy Materials" is insufficient. The shopping tags need to be copied and laminated and cut out. Elastic loops for the 'hole' in the tag could be added to make the 'swing tags' more authentic! Plus...see 'point 5 below. (5) Under "Options for Lesson" is the word "chapping" - I think this should be "shopping". It also states "Have tags near stores so that..." yet these mysterious 'stores' haven't been mentioned anywhere else. This should be mentioned under the "Prepare Ahead of Time" section. Busy teachers need these details so they can plan & prepare properly. Apart from these issues, which can be easily rectified, it's a VERY useful resource for which I am excited to have found!