Decimal Comparison – Hundredths


Decimal Comparison – Hundredths introduces students to several methods for comparing decimals to the hundredths place. Students will recognize that they will use this type of comparison often, especially related to money.

The “Options for Lesson” section on the classroom procedure page describes a few suggestions that you could use in your class. One option is to have students share with the class the method they used during the activity. The class can then vote on the best new method or most creative method and so on. Another option is to have students create a big poster showing a decimal model using their favorite decimal number. You could also have students look at food menus and compare and sort prices.

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What our Decimal Comparison – Hundredths lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Decimal Comparison – Hundredths teaches students how to compare two decimal numbers. Students will reason about the size of the numbers to figure out which is larger or smaller. By the end of the lesson, they should be able to compare two decimal numbers correctly to the hundredths place.

The lesson contains three content pages. It first reminds students how to compare numbers. Then students will learn how to compare decimal values. There is a table that displays several examples of how to represent decimals using blocks. Students will use these blocks in some of the worksheets, so make sure they understand fully how to use this method. The lesson provides several more examples for them to analyze and practice with before they begin the worksheets.


Students will work with a partner for the activity worksheet. (You can also have them work alone or in groups instead if you prefer.) Students will work together to create a poster that teaches people about the hundredths place in decimals. They will explain what it means and how to compare them. There is a blank box on the bottom half of the worksheet page that students can use to draw a rough draft or take notes of what they want to include. Then partners will meet with other students to compare work and demonstrate their methods.


The practice worksheet has two sections. For the first section, students must shade the blocks to represent certain decimals. There are four decimals in this section. The second section requires students to use the inequality symbols to compare decimals. There are nine problems in this section.


For the homework assignment, students will first use inequality symbols to compare 15 different decimal pairs. Then they will sort the decimals in each row from smallest to largest. Finally, they will draw models to show three different comparisons. They can use extra paper if they need to.

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