Complete a Table from a Graph


Complete a Table from a Graph introduces students to x-y tables and how to create them using data points from a graph or linear function. Students will learn the two ways they can create the table. They will have plenty of practice with the worksheets.

The “Options for Lesson” section on the classroom procedure page provides a few suggestions that you can add to your lesson if you like. One suggestion is to conduct a scavenger hunt where students have to find specific points on a graph. Either they have to find the graph with that point or find the point that matches the graph. You could also have students create posters of graphs to display around the classroom that have various patterns and tables.

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What our Complete a Table from a Graph lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Complete a Table from a Graph teaches students how to create a table of ordered pairs using information from a graph or linear function. Students will learn how to use both methods to create their tables. The lesson outlines two ways for them to organize the table as well.

The lesson contains two pages of content. The first page reminds students what an ordered pair is and what the x and y axes are on a graph. Students can compare finding ordered pairs to playing Battleship.

They can organize the table either vertically or horizontally. The lesson shows what both look like. Students may use whichever method they feel most comfortable with. The lesson presents several example graphs for students to analyze so they can learn how to find the pairs and write them in the table.


Students will work together as partners for the activity. However, you are welcome to put your students in groups or have them work alone instead. The activity worksheet displays eight graphs with x-y axes. One person will draw a set of four points or a line, and the other will create a table. Then they will switch roles. Each person will be able to create four graphs using the data from the other person.


For the practice worksheet, students will complete a table using the graph next to it. There is a total of six tables and graphs.


The homework assignment requires students to find three different graphs online. Students will have to create a table with five points for each graph. Then they will print the graphs and attach them to the practice worksheet that has their tables.


For the quiz, students must circle the correct option of two in six statements. Then they will draw a table and fill it in with the correct points using data on the graph.

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5th Grade, 6th Grade



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