Beginning of Year Math Assessment – Grade 3


The beginning-of-year assessments are an optional tool parents and educators can use to determine the current skills of their student(s). Our hope is that, in using this information, you will be able to better plan instruction to meet the needs of your students and tailor their education accordingly. You should use the test at the beginning of the school year to check students’ baseline comprehension of grade-level standards. This assessment is designed for third-grade math students.

Each assessment involves a pre-test, an activity, and a post-test. You will first distribute the pre-test, which assesses some of the skills students will learn that year. After the pre-test, do the activity, which educates students on those same concepts and helps them learn skills they may not have understood initially during the pre-test. Finally, distribute the post-test and compare students answers to those of the pre-test to see if there is improvement.

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What our beginning-of-year evaluations include

Overview: The BOY Math Assessment – Grade 3 evaluation tests students in several grade-level math areas to determine their baseline knowledge. Students will first take a pre-test to see where they are at with certain math basics. After an informative activity, they will take a post-test and compare their comprehension levels against the pre-test answers.

The goal of our beginning-of-year assessments is to provide a way for you to plan lessons according to the needs of your students. As an educator, you know it is wise to gauge where your students are at and teach them at their level.  You can use these tests at the beginning of each school year to determine students’ baseline grasp of grade-level concepts in each subject.

Each assessment involves a quick pre-test, an activity, and a post-test. The pre-test analyzes students’ knowledge in some (but not all) of the skills that they should learn during this year. The activity will provide some instruction on the areas they explored during the pre-test. The post-test provides another score to compare to that of the pre-test so you can determine students’ grasp of the concepts.

BOY Math Assessment – Grade 3

Our third-grade math assessment covers multiple skills. It does not include all the concepts students will learn in third grade. However, it will provide an overall idea of students’ math knowledge. Overall, it should allow you to more effectively measure your students’ grasp on certain subject areas. This will give you a good picture of where to focus your efforts as you teach the curriculum within the roadmaps.

The skills this evaluation explores include the following areas:


Students will distribute a group of things into equal parts.

Money Counting

Students will determine the value of different coins and bills and be able to add them all together.

Place Value

Students will recognize the value of a digit based on the location of the digit.