VCVe Spelling Patterns – Grades 1-2


VCVe Spelling Patterns – Grades 1-2 introduces students to spelling patterns that help them figure out how to spell certain words. Students will discover how to use rules and patterns to figure out the spelling of new words. The lesson provides a lot of opportunity to practice what they learn. The quiz at the end will be especially helpful in determining whether or not your students grasp the concepts of the lesson.

“The Options for Lesson” section offers a suggested schedule to follow for administering the lesson to your students. On day one, you can students identify rules and patterns create an anchor chart and rules for sorting. You can also assign the homework on this day. On day two, you can play the word hunt activity and work on the practice worksheet. On day three, you can have students speed sort and complete the assessment.

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What our VCVe Spelling Patterns – Grades 1-2 lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: VCVe Spelling Patterns – Grades 1-2 teaches students how to identify and use the VCVe pattern with short vowel families to spell words. The goal is for students to learn basic patterns and rules instead of relying on memorizing words. They will be able to build and decode words that are much harder. This way, they will have a more solid foundation for their writing and reading skills.

The classroom procedure page outlines in detail how to present the lesson to your students. The lesson is hands-on and provides a lot of practice for the students. The content page lists 20 words that follow the VCVe pattern for -a, -i, and -o. You will need to print two copies for each student, one for in class and one for at home. (They will use these for the homework assignment.)


For the activity worksheet, students will work in pairs or groups to play the game. The lesson outlines the directions as if working with two people, but you can adjust as necessary. Both players will choose three books each from the classroom library or some other source that you approve. They will hunt for words in the books that match the spelling pattern they learned. Each student will write the words they found in the grid on the worksheet. Then they will answer the question at the bottom.


There are two sections to the practice worksheet. In the first part, students will write a sentence containing each of the six words in the word bank. In the second section, they will do a “word storm” and write as many words as they can think of that have the same patterns as the spelling sort. However, the words they write cannot be words that the spelling sort includes already.


Students will cut out the words on the spelling sort (just one of the copies) and correctly place them into the matching column. After they finish sorting all the words correctly, they will write the spelling rules for the week’s sort.


For the quiz section, use the directions on the classroom procedure page. Students will write spelling words that you choose, as well as two bonus words. The bonus words won’t be ones words they learned. The quiz will test their ability to use the patterns and rules to figure out how to spell words.

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