Using Sources Correctly


In this lesson, students will learn the reasons for citing material in research papers. They’ll also learn the difference between paraphrasing and quoting, and how to use a simple form to cite sources. By the end of the lesson, they’ll be ready to give credit where credit is due!

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Are you looking for a lesson plan on using sources correctly? Look no further! This Using Sources Correctly lesson plan introduces students to the concepts behind how to determine the credibility of sources, cite using quotes, and paraphrases. The lesson contains a simple format to create a bibliography. Students will be introduced to the concepts behind how to avoid plagiarism by using credible sources and appropriate citations in paragraphs. Writers use several different types of sources when producing research and other reports. Sources help support conclusions in research. This is a great lesson plan for any teacher looking to introduce their students to using sources correctly!

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6th Grade


Language Arts

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