Using Multimedia


Using Multimedia is a unique lesson that requires more than a couple days to complete. Students will discover how many different kinds of media they can use to convey a message. In addition to magazine articles and pictures, they will learn to use electronic sources. By the end, each student will be able to present a mini-lesson to their classmates.

This lesson focuses on conveying information through various media and ensuring a greater depth of understanding. You can take advantage of the “Options for Lesson” for ideas on how to break up the class sessions. Students will be able to let their creativity shine as they engage with the material and learn how to use multimedia correctly.

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What our Using Multimedia lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Using Multimedia teaches students how to define different media. They will be able to explore what the purpose is for particular media. The lesson does require them to use a computer as they research different types of media, especially electronic sources. Students will learn that using a number of media that provide the exact same information is not really multimedia. They will have to learn how to find things that relate to the same topic but that have some differences.

This unique lesson may require up to a week to complete. The goal is that students truly understand how to use multiple types of media effectively. This skill will assist them throughout school and higher education, as well as in the business world. You will be able to introduce them to the many sources of information that they can use. For instance, students can work with technological media like sound and video clips. They will recognize that their options vary greatly.


For this activity, you will cut up the 16 squares of animal names. After dividing your class into pairs, you will give each pair one slip of paper. The students will present the animal you give them using multimedia. They will write a brief paragraph that includes basic information about their animal. Then they have to find images that support their description. In addition, they will need to find a video on the animal. The content in the video cannot restate exactly what the students already wrote. Afterward, students will write about their presentation according to the questions at the end.


The practice and homework assignment relate to each other. The practice requires students to create a mini-lesson in which they present a topic of their own. They must use three different sources in their presentation. They will also explain why they chose those sources and what they convey.


Now that students have their sources for the mini-lesson, they must organize them on the homework assignment. There are eight prompts on the worksheet to guide their demonstration.


There are give questions on the quiz that cover the material in the lesson.

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5th Grade, 6th Grade


Language Arts

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