Subject and Verbs: Advanced


Help your students take their grammar skills to the next level with this fun and interactive lesson plan on subjects and verbs. With clear and concise explanations, your students will be identifying subjects and verbs in no time. This lesson plan is perfect for those who want to challenge their students and help them reach new heights in their language arts journey.

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This lesson plan is the perfect way to introduce your advanced K-students or first-grade students to the concept of a subject and verb. First, they’ll identify the subject and verb in simple sentences. Then, they’ll write their own simple sentences and complete the task by writing a short story about a farm. Finally, they’ll review and learn new sight words in this fast-paced, activity-filled lesson. By the end of this lesson, your students will have a firm understanding of subjects and verbs – and they’ll have had a blast doing it!

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1st Grade, Kindergarten


Advanced, Language Arts

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