Short Research Projects


This lesson introduces the skill of conducting short research projects or writing short research papers, with the objective of teaching students the importance of organizing their research, selecting multiple sources of credible information, and citing their sources correctly. Students will conduct a short research project during the Practice session of the lesson, and then learn to self-assess their work using a rubric to score the finished product.

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Our Short Research Projects lesson plan teaches students all about research projects, from organizing your research to writing a topic sentence to properly citing your sources. During this lesson, students are asked to read a given short research report and use the provided rubric to score the report based on criteria such as organization and quality of information; they then compare the scores they gave with a classmate. Students are also asked to complete their own research project from start to finish, allowing them to practice using the skills they learned during this lesson.

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to select a diversity of appropriate and credible sources for conducting short research projects, cite the source of information using a standard format (MLA, APA, etc.) when using sources in short research, and paraphrase and avoid copying directly information from sources.

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4th Grade


Language Arts

State Educational Standards