Sentence Variety – Grade 5


Sentence Variety – Grade 5 is an excellent lesson to introduce the importance of diversifying sentence structure. Students will learn about combining, expanding, and condensing sentences. Using each of these methods will help students write better and clearer. They will learn that relying on only one leads to boring or monotonous work.

There are a couple of suggestions in the “Options for Lesson” section. For instance, you can have the students cross out any words they think are unnecessary in a sentence. Likewise, you might use an arrow to combine sentences to help them see what content to get rid of to improve the writing.

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What our Sentence Variety – Grade 5 lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Sentence Variety – Grade 5 introduces students to the concept of using different kinds of sentences in writing. They will learn that variety in sentence structure and type is important to improving writing. They will learn how to expand or combine sentences, add details, and reduce wordiness. By the end, they will be able to use all of these methods to enhance their writing.

The lesson begins by describing sentence variety as a way to clarify your writing. It describes why it is good to add variety to when writing. Students will first learn about combining short sentences into one fluid sentence. Each section provides an example to explain the concept. This first section on combining sentences provides two examples, however. Students will learn that, in addition to brevity, repetition can also warrant combining sentences.

Next, students will discuss expanding sentences that are unclear by adding details. Sometimes sentences are vague and have little detail to explain what is happening. Adding details through adjectives and adverbs creates a clearer sentence. Finally, they will learn to condense wordy sentences into smaller, clearer sentences. Wordy sentences can be confusing, and people often get lost by the end. Condensing and dividing sentences provides a better option.


The activity gives students a change to test their knowledge. They will have to read a short article and find which sentences need combining, expanding, or condensing. Then they will rewrite the article by adjusting the sentences as necessary to create a better and clearer article.


For the practice worksheet, students must read four paragraphs. They will focus on condensing the sentences to make the paragraphs clearer.


The homework assignment lists 10 sentences with an extra instruction at the bottom of the page. Students will practice expanding sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs, and sensory details. The goal is to create more interesting sentences than the ones in the list.