-s vs. -es Plurals Spelling Patterns


Our -‘s and ‘es Plurals Spelling Patterns lesson plan teaches students about plural spelling patterns and when to use -‘s vs. -‘es. Students will learn vocabulary words that use these plural endings and will be able to choose the correct spelling pattern based on the word they want to make plural.

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Our -s vs. -es Plurals Spelling Patterns lesson plan teaches students rules for adding -s or -es to the ends of words to make them plural. Students are asked to work collaboratively on a fun, interactive game to practice adding either -s or -es to words to make them plural based on the spelling rules they learned during the lesson. Students are also asked to independently practice using these rules in order to demonstrate their understanding.

At the end of the lesson, students will have learned to correctly identify and use the patterns of creating plurals from singular base words.

State Educational Standards: LB.ELA-LITERACY.L.3.1.B, LB.ELA-LITERACY.L.3.1, LB.ELA-LITERACY.L.3.1.F

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Language Arts


3rd Grade, 4th Grade