Range of Writing – Grade 4


With our Range of Writing – Grade 4 lesson plan, students learn how to write in a few different academic styles and in a certain amount of time.

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Our Range of Writing – Grade 4 lesson plan teaches students how to write in different academic styles and for different purposes within a certain amount of time. During this lesson, students are asked to choose a topic they know a lot about and use a topic organizer to brainstorm some ideas in each of the topic categories (who or what, when and where, and why and how); they then use this topic organizer to write two paragraphs about their topic in twenty minutes. Students are also asked to read a passage and fill in a topic organizer about the passage in under twenty minutes, demonstrating their ability to quickly find and summarize important information. 

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to write in different academic areas for various reasons and within a prescribed timeframe.


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4th Grade


Language Arts

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