Produce and Distribute Writing


Produce and Distribute Writing introduces students to using technology to produce writing. Students will be required to type two pages of content for a group project. This lesson touches on keyboarding skills and discusses how to improve speed and accuracy over time. Students will also learn how to collaborate using online word processing platforms that allow them to share documents.

The “Options for Lesson” section has several alternatives or suggestions for the delivery of your lesson. You could have students work individually instead of as a group for the activity if you wish. It also suggests creating a booklet of students’ best writing and sell it to parents or others in the community. Review this section for other ideas.

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What our Produce and Distribute Writing lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Produce and Distribute Writing teaches students how to use the internet and other technology to create and publish writing. Students will also learn to collaborate and interact with others on this platform. Rather than writing on paper, they will type a minimum of two pages of content. This lesson will help students hone the skill of typing on a computer keyboard.

There are three pages of content in this lesson. Students will first learn how, many years ago, people used pencils or pens and paper, or even a typewriter, to produce and publish writing. However, students now have access to technology and typing programs. The lesson lists several advantages of word processing programs, both as software and as online platforms. It describes how easy it is to collaborate with others and work on the same document.

Students will then discover how to use technology to write. This is when keyboarding skills come into play. After they learn a little bit about typing, students will work together in small groups on a research paper. They will need to use a platform that allows collaboration with multiple people. Additionally, they will be able to use the editing and commenting features to provide feedback to one another.


The activity worksheet provides some step-by-step instructions for completing the research project. There are three options for them to choose from for their writing assignments. They can work an essay, a fictional short story, or a personal narrative.


For the practice portion, students will respond to six prompts or questions. In essence, they will create a very short story and work to revise it. Then they will answer a few questions about the story. This will provide them some practice for their group project.


The homework assignment will test students’ typing speed. There are three sentences total, and students will time how long it takes to type each one. At the end, they will create a sentence that contains every letter on the keyboard at least once.

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5th Grade


Language Arts

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