Printing Cursive Letters


This lesson teaches advanced kindergarten or first-grade students the basics of cursive alphabetical order and writing lower or upper case letters. In addition, students will practice forming the letters, write simple word names, and learn how letters form words. Writing in cursive improves students’ fine motor skills and critical thinking skills.

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It’s time to practice cursive letters with our Printing Lower and upper Case Letters: Cursive Letters lesson! Take your child’s writing skills up a notch with its advanced material fit for kindergarten or first-grade students. This lesson offers more than just perfecting the alphabetical order. Here, kids get to practice forming each individual letter. It doesn’t stop there – they’ll also get to write simple word names and understand how letters form words. Writing in cursive not only boosts their confidence but also sharpens their fine motor skills as well as critical thinking skills. So why wait? Help your little one have fun while learning and grab this high-quality lesson today!

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1st Grade


Language Arts

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