Prepping for Discussions


With our Prepping for Discussions lesson plan, students learn how to properly and thoroughly prepare for a discussion using specific questions and steps.

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Our Prepping for Discussions lesson plan teaches students how to prepare for a discussion by following a set of steps and answer specific questions about the topic. During this lesson, students are asked to work with a partner to prepare for a group discussion on a specific topic using guiding questions such as “What have you done to confirm and understand the topic for discussion?” and “What have you done to help you read or study the required material?”. Students are also asked to answer true/false questions about how to properly prepare for a discussion, demonstrating their understanding of the lesson material. 

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to come to discussions prepared, having read or studied required material; explicitly draw on that preparation and other information known about the topic to explore ideas under discussion.


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4th Grade


Language Arts

State Educational Standards