Preparing for Discussions


With our Preparing for Discussions lesson plan, students learn about the importance of proper preparation for discussions along with strategies for preparing for academic discussions.

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Our Preparing for Discussions lesson plan teaches students how to be better prepared for academic discussions and why proper preparation is so important. During this lesson, students are asked to choose one side of a debate on a specific issue of their choosing and then present their side to the class; another student will argue the other side and then the rest of the class decides who was more convincing. Students are also asked to work collaboratively with a partner to read a passage about video games and then do additional research on the topic before writing a short essay on the topic, strengthening their research and writing skills. 

At the end of the lesson, students will understand the importance of being prepared for discussions and developing a strategy for research, preparation, and presentation. Students will also understand that coming to discussions prepared is an academic skill and important to academic success. 


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3rd Grade


Language Arts

State Educational Standards