Poetry Styles: Free Verse and Haiku


In our Poetry Styles: Free Verse and Haiku lesson plan students will learn and identify 2 different styles of poetry. Students will write poems in different styles. Students will learn that poetry is a particular type of literary art form. 

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Do you want to help your little learners explore poetry? Introduce them to Poetry Styles: Free Verse and Haiku Lesson Plan! This creative and engaging lesson will take your student’s writing and reading comprehension skills to the next level.

Writing and reading poetry isn’t just a fun activity—it’s a critical thinking skill. Poetry Styles: Free Verse and Haiku Lesson Plan is packed with the essential and elemental elements of poetry. We make sure your students learn the basics while still having fun.

From reading longer epic poems to writing their own haikus and free verse, your students will gain an understanding and appreciation for the beauty of the written word. Plus, this lesson focuses more on the students’ creativity than the technical aspects, so that they can build their confidence in writing and comprehending poetry.

Developing a passion and understanding for literature—especially poetry—is an important part of any student’s academic journey. Now, you can make the journey easier and more enjoyable with Poetry Styles: Free Verse and Haiku Lesson Plan. Get ready to unlock your student’s creative potential and watch them blossom into amazing poets!

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State Educational Standards



4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade


Language Arts