Note Taking


The lesson teaches students how to take notes during class presentations. It also shows them how to document sources of information for research reports. The expectation for students is to be able to gather information, organize the information, and utilize the information in different learning settings. 

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Parents and teachers of K-6 students: look no further! the art of note taking. With this plan, your student can learn to gather information from all sorts of sources like lectures, print, and media, articulate and explain key ideas, and even sort and summarize information from multiple sources. All with the goal of improving their overall note taking proficiency.

Being able to take effective notes is essential for school success. Providing your student with the opportunity to develop their note taking skills will not only be beneficial now, but will also provide them with a lasting resource of knowledge to help them going forward.

This lesson plan offers students a chance to hone their writing skills as well as grow their cognitive capacity. They will practice paraphrasing to distill complex concepts and ideas into understandable terms, while becoming aware of what’s essential to the topics they are learning about.

There’s no better time to get your student started on improving their note taking skills—so why not start now with the Note Taking Lesson Plan? Help your student thrive in the classroom with access to the resources they need to take better notes.

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4th Grade


Language Arts

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