Introduce an Informative Topic


In this lesson plan we will introduce you to some simple formatting and multimedia techniques that will make a world of difference in your students’ writing. With just a few tweaks, their writing can be much more engaging for readers, and easier to understand too!



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This lesson will help students recognize when to insert graphics on an informational text. It will also walk them through which graphics would work best for the context. They will better understand how informational text is written and how each component of written text enhances readability and comprehension. Students will learn that  informational texts are organized to introduce, explain, and convey complex ideas in comprehensible formats.

This lesson will also illustrate how and when to insert graphics materials like photos, illustrations, charts, and graphs. With strategic use of headings, multimedia components, and other formatting techniques, students will learn to produce writing that is both engaging and easy to read.

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6th Grade


Language Arts

State Educational Standards


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