Informative Writing – Precise Language


With our Informative Writing – Precise Language lesson plan, students learn how to make their writing more precise. Students practice rewriting wordy sentences to make them more concise as a part of this lesson.

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Our Informative Writing – Precise Language lesson plan teaches students strategies for making their writing more precise.┬áDuring this lesson, students are asked to practice editing a wordy piece of writing by cutting unnecessary words and phrases, demonstrating their ability to write and get their point across concisely. Students are also asked to practice rewriting sentences so that they are more precise and specific.

At the end of the lesson, students will know how to use precise and concise language for writing informational or explanatory texts, the term domain-specific vocabulary and learn how to incorporate domain-specific in their writing, and how to be self-reflective writers and improve their writing by eliminating unnecessary or redundant, filler or other words that distract from making their writing clear to readers.

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6th Grade


Language Arts

State Educational Standards