Describing Things Clearly


Describing Things Clearly introduces students to the concept of specificity. Students will learn how to describe things they heard or saw or experienced more clearly and specifically.

The “Options for Lesson” section contains a suggestion that may work well for you in your class. As a warm-up activity for the lesson, point to various objects around the classroom and ask students to describe what they look like, how big or small they are, and so on. Then you can list all of the descriptive words they used on the board. You could also use the words as an anchor chart for later lessons.

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What our Describing Things Clearly lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Describing Things Clearly teaches students how to focus on what they experience or observe so that they can clearly describe those things in writing. Students will learn how to be specific and use certain describing words to accurately relay information.

There is one content page in this lesson. (Because this page in interactive, there is also an answer sheet. However, this page contains no new content for instruction.) You will be able to teach your students while they participate in the lesson.

There are two paragraphs with missing words. Read through the paragraphs and allow the students to fill in the blanks on their own papers. Then you can review both descriptions with the class and discuss how their answers are similar or how they differ.


Depending on what you prefer, you can have students work alone, with a partner, or with a group for the activity. The worksheet contains two pictures with space next to each to write. Students will look at the picture and describe what is happening. They will need to use adjectives. It may be helpful to use the describing words they thought of at the beginning of the lesson. If you choose to incorporate the warm-up activity from the “Options for Lesson” section, students could refer to those words as well.


The practice worksheet reminds students how to find describing words, or adjectives. The instruction paragraph explains nouns and how they relate to adjectives. Students will go on a “treasure hunt” for adjectives for the practice. They will write the adjectives from the word list on the lines below the treasure box on the worksheet. Then they will circle the nouns in the word list.


For the homework assignment, students will first read a short story and underline the adjectives they find. The next section requires students to fill in the blanks for five sentences. They will use the adjectives in the word bank above the instructions. There is also a bonus question for them to answer.

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1st Grade


Language Arts

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