Conducting an Interview – Grade 5


Conducting an Interview – Grade 5 teaches students how to improve their interviewing skills. Students will learn six steps that will help them conduct a quality interview. They will be able to practice with each other and later use their skills to interview a family member or someone else in their community.

The “Options for Lesson” section offers a great suggestion for further helping your students become great interviewers. Have your students write short biographies about their lives and have them interview each other. Each time a student asks a question about something in the other student’s biography, they get a point. You can help the students write questions based on the five W’s.

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What our Conducting an Interview – Grade 5 lesson plan includes

Lesson Objectives and Overview: Conducting an Interview – Grade 5 teaches students how to conduct an interview and why interviews are important. Students will become familiar with the types of questions they could ask the person they are speaking with. They will follow the steps the lesson outlines and practice interviewing each other. Then they will use the skills they practiced to interview someone of their choosing.

This lesson contains two content pages. It lists six steps to follow and the key idea behind interviews. Students will learn why interviews help people learn about others by asking good questions. The lesson describes each of the six steps in detail. First, students will research, come up with questions, and come to the interview prepared. Then they will conduct the interview, remembering that it is a dialogue. Finally, they will put their answers to work.


For the activity worksheet, students will pair up and interview each other. They will be able to practice using recording devices such as a phone, tablet, or computer. After they listen to the information later, they will give an oral presentation about the other person as if they were a news reporter. The worksheet lists many questions to help guide the conversation. They can also write their own questions to ask.


The practice worksheet contains a short biography about Louis Braille. Students will read the story and practice writing interview questions. They should think of questions they would ask Louis Braille if he were there in person. There are six lines for them to write six different questions.


Students will use the interview skills they learned and interview someone in their family or community. The worksheet lists a few questions that will guide the process. They will write up to 10 questions to ask the person they choose. After the interview, they will answer a couple of reflection questions to evaluate themselves.

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