Commenting and Elaborating for Discussions


In this lesson plan students learn how to effectively and productively respond to questions or remarks made by others during a discussion.

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Our Commenting and Elaborating for Discussions lesson plan teaches students how to enhance their discussions by commenting or elaborating on remarks made by other people. During this lesson, students are asked to complete a group assignment in which their teacher assigns them an issue or topic to discuss and a list of questions to respond to. During the discussion, each group member may compliment other group members about effective questions or responses that were shared during the discussion, sharpening their collaboration and critical thinking skills. Students are also asked to work independently to read comments and tell how each could have been elaborated on by the person speaking.

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to pose and respond to specific questions by making comments that contribute to the discussion and elaborate on the remarks of others.

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5th Grade


Language Arts

State Educational Standards


Lessons are aligned to meet the education objectives and goals of most states. For more information on your state objectives, contact your local Board of Education or Department of Education in your state.