Collective Nouns


Collective Nouns introduces students to nouns that represent groups of people or things. Students will learn how to identify these nouns and distinguish between them and singular nouns.

The “Options for Lesson” section provides several suggestions for additional activities you could do for the lesson. One option is to have students create a poster for all the phrases in the activity. Another is to conduct a “collective noun bee” in which students will say a sentence using the announced collective noun. You could also collect images online that show groups of people or things and have students name the collective noun that is associated with that picture.

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What our Collective Nouns lesson plan includes

Lesson Objective and Overview: Collective Nouns teaches students how to identify and correctly use collective nouns. Students will learn how to define and then distinguish these nouns from singular nouns. The lesson material and worksheets will provide them with a lot of practice to solidify their grasp of the concepts.

The lesson contains three pages of content. The first page introduces the concept of nouns that represent groups of things. There is a table of 24 different nouns that define such groups, such as army, tribe, firm, class, and school.

Students will discover that people use specific collective nouns to represent many types of animals. For instance, they will learn that to represent multiple birds, they would use the word flock. If they talk about group of lions, they would call it a pride of lions.


Students will work with a partner for the activity worksheet. They will create a poster that shows how to use a collective noun. They will have to draw pictures or gather images online or from other sources. The poster must include pictures for at least 10 phrases from the table of choices on the worksheet. They can use the blank box at the bottom of the page to draw up a rough draft. Then they can create their final poster and come up with a creative title.


The practice worksheet splits into two sections. The first section requires students to circle the word that depicts a collective noun. There are 15 sentences in this section. The other section requires students to use the collect noun listed in a sentence.


Similar to the practice worksheet, the homework assignment divides into three parts. For the first part, students must choose the correct verb in each sentence for the singular collective noun. The second part requires them to use the words in the word bank to complete 10 sentences. The final section requires that they use each phrase in a sentence.

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